Discover True Nature

The process of getting academic work polished and ready for delivery can seem impossible at times.  True Nature Academic Editing specializes in helping clients refine their academic writing, whether that means putting the final touches on a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, building a literary or business presentation from the ground up for a conference, re-imagining the application process for graduate school, or revising and resubmitting a book chapter.

True Nature caters especially to academics, including aspiring and enrolled graduate and undergraduate students, doctoral candidates, and independent and affiliated scholars in the Humanities who want professional, personal results that take their works to the next level.

We excel at bringing out the “true nature” of even very confused projects. The potential of each artifact is realized for its singularity based on personalized one-on-one interaction between the editor and the client.  The editor works closely with clients to not only produce a genuine reflection of their intention but also to aid clients in a deeper understanding of the function of academic genres.

Special areas of focus include:

Journal Essays, Book Proposals and Chapters
Dissertations and Prospectuses, College and Job Applications
Curriculum Vitae, Resumes, Presentations

Manuscripts are reworked according one or more of the following editing models.