About the Editor

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Jennifer Avery is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in English literature with specialization in the Victorian novel and gender/sexuality studies. She is author of Victorian Zombie and numerous articles in peer-reviwed journals. As “Elan Avery” she publishes fantasy fiction.

Dr. Avery teaches traditional, online, and hybrid courses in British, American, and World literature, business/technical writing, and general composition for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as serves as a faculty mentor and trainer among peers.

Through True Nature she delivers expertise as a published academic and fiction author, seasoned conference presenter, resume-writer (for a business company), and professor (15+ years) to the general public to help clients reach their academic/higher education goals while simultaneously feeding her own passion for intellectual inquiry. She is motivated by helping clients disambiguate the esoteric processes of academia.

Dr. Avery offers professional, personalized services that help clients reimagine academia as a possible (and personal) journey through reworked documents, presentations, and other academic artifacts, beginning with what matters most — the client.

What she does best is help clients discover their true nature as writers.

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