Menu of Services

True Nature Academic Editing Services specializes in a variety of types of artifacts, including:

essays for publication in peer-reviewed journals
theses and dissertations
essays for courses at the collegiate or high school level
book chapters
speeches and presentations for conferences or meetings
formal business letters and other correspondence
application essays for college admission and careers
curriculum vitae/resume development
proposals and abstracts

Initial Consultation/Follow-up Meeting   $25

Sometimes clients would like to “live” chat about their vision for an artifact, to check in with the progress of an artifact, or to offer insights about the process.  When email correspondence doesn’t quite fit a client’s needs, s/he can utilize True Nature’s consultation platform — in fact, it is recommended! Conferences can be scheduled as far out as two months or up to one day in advance. Skype is used unless otherwise noted by the client.  Consultations may last as long as needed but are generally 15 minutes.  Book a time now!


Basic Copyediting     $30/hour
5-10 MS pages per hour

Copyediting is often the last step in the process of editing, as the client has an artifact that requires polish and not much else.  “Basic” copyediting includes proofreading for errors in grammar, language, style, format (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard), spelling, usage, and other similar elements. It does not include re-visioning the manuscript but assures that the current document — “as is” — is in its best condition.

Detailed Copyediting     $40/hour
2-5 MS pages per hour

For a manuscript to qualify as needing “detailed” copyediting it must be in the final steps of editing but still have some discord in the areas noted above for “basic copyediting.”

Line Editing     $50/hour
2-5 MS pages per hour

Clients who struggle with cohesion (or “flow”) between paragraphs and/or sentences will benefit from this more rigorous form of editing in which each line is scrutinized for its contribution to the whole artifact.  “Line” Editing includes “detailed copyediting” and some revision or reimagining of the work on a sentence-to-sentence level.

Re-visioning/Re-imagining     $50/hour
2-5 MS pages per hour

Sometimes a project may need much more attention than simple editing of what’s on the paper will allow.  Clients may require an expert to offer insights about ways to realize their goals pertaining to a work.  When an artifact is re-imagined then what is not yet on the paper — but could be — is a part of the editing process.  This service requires more communication between client and editor than the more basic editing packages, and the process can be longer depending on the requirements of the piece.

Contract and Payment
Following a consultation, a contract will be created that outlines the client’s expectations and requirements, a timeline for completion, and an agreement about payment.  Once both parties have signed the contract, True Nature will begin contracted work on the artifact. Paypal is accepted for payment of all services. An invoice will be emailed to clients’ email addresses once the work has been completed according to the contract. 


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