Is True Nature Right for You?

Any Google search will tell you that there are a large number of academic editing services available. Selecting an editor for your most cherished projects requires finding a comfortable fit.

True Nature has a particular discourse community in mind.  Clients tend to want to re-imagine their projects to give them an edge in academia by challenging ideas or re-thinking approaches. They want to brainstorm “outside of the box” and invite new ways of unpacking their ideas. Clients of True Nature often desire to find a way to connect authentically to the academic genres, even if that means digging into what the genres mean for them.

While True Nature may be able to meet the needs of clients outside of the outlined characteristics that follow, clients who fall into one of the these communities are most likely to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with their experience.

The typical True Nature client is someone who identifies — or wants to identify — as an “academic.” An “academic” can take many forms, such as:

  • a prospective or matriculated undergraduate or graduate student
  • a postdoctoral, independent, or affiliated scholar
  • professionals holding a degree in a field related to the Humanities, particularly English
  • professionals in any field looking to update their career materials

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