The Editor

I am a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in English literature with specialization in the Victorian novel and gender/sexuality studies. I teach traditional, online, and hybrid courses in British, American, and World literature, business/technical writing, and general composition for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as serve as a faculty mentor and evaluator among my peers. Through True Nature I can deliver my expertise as a published academic author, seasoned conference presenter, and professor (9+ years) to the general public to help my clients reach their academic/higher education goals while simultaneously feeding my passion for language.   I am motivated by helping my clients to disambiguate the esoteric processes of academia.

I offer professional, personalized services that help my clients reimagine academia as a possible journey.  I rework documents, presentations, and other academic artifacts from the ground up, beginning with what matters most — you — and adding polish from my years of experience in writing, publishing, presenting, and teaching.

What I do best is to help my clients discover their true nature as writers.


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